Chili crisp also known as chili crunch, spicy chili oil, Sichuan chili crisp and crunchy chili oil is a spicy, crunchy, and aromatic condiment typically made with chilis, Sichuan peppercorns, spices, and aromatics which include cinnamon, star anise, ginger and scallions. This chilli base is then complimented with crispy fried garlic slices, shallots, sesame seeds and even peanuts. The combination of rich spicy flavorful oil and fried bits result in a unique umami condiment that is quickly becoming the next big essential item to have on the dinner table.  One of the reasons for chilli crisp’s fast growing popularity is its versatility. Where as some more typical hot sauces may clash with certain cuisines the oil base and texture of the chilli crisps tends to lend itself to whatever its paired with. Our customers enjoy their chilli crisp with a variety of dishes which include pizza, sandwiches, pasta, noodles, dumplings and even vanilla ice cream ( yes vanilla ice cream!)

Schezwan (or Sichuan as it's often spelt) peppercorns are a cornerstone ingredient of our in-house chili oil and aside from carrying a very appealing aroma ( likened to a peppery lavender) also create a unique numbing sensation to the palette. When consumed they produce a tingling, numbing effect due to the presence of hydroxy-alpha sanshool. Sichuan peppercorns also enhance and transform the flavor notes of other aromatics they are paired with making them an incredible foundation to layer a chili oil base upon.
We advise our products to be refrigerated where they are good for up to 3 months from their labeled production dates.
Chili oils are typically made by frying and infusing chilis with aromatics to create a condiment that is rich in layered flavors and perfectly compliments most dishes its paired with. Chili sauces whilst varying in their recipes generally consist of a vinegar and/or powerful base that may actually mask the flavors of foods they are paired with. Chili pastes on the other hand are concentrated bases that create great foundations for sauces but may otherwise be overpowering in their potent paste form. 
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