Arguably the most popular kid in the Jinxy's lineup, the XXXcrispy is one of our best sellers and with good reason! The XXXCrispy hot chili crisp packs every jar to the brim with crispy shallots, sliced garlic, chilis and crunchy peanuts then immerses them in our artisan chili oil to create the perfect union of texture and spicy umami. The positive reviews for this one are through the roof and as our customers love to mention ''it just goes with everything!'' This is spicy chili crunch done right! Ingredients Shallots, Garlic ,Ginger ,Star anise ,Cinnamon ,Green onions ,Smoked chilli ,Bay leaf ,Peanuts ,Black sesame seeds ,Soy sauce ,Black plum vinegar ,Chili flakes ,Sichuan peppercorns ,Molasses ,Sunflower oil

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