Chipotle, Guajillo and Ancho Chilis are smoked, fried and blended with fried peanuts, sesame seeds, spices, extracts of lime and chili oil then topped off with crispy seasoned corn kernels for that signature JInxy’s crunch. The flavor profile is earthy, smoky and spicy with a hint of citrus making it an absolutely amazing condiment to go with tacos, burritos, nachos, sandwiches or whatever you're into. Ingredients Chipotle peppers, Ancho ,Guajillo pepper ,Peanuts ,Cinnamon ,Sesame Seed ,Crispy corn ,Chilli flakes ,Vinegar ,Sugar ,Sunflower oil, Tomatoes, Citric acid, Salt, Adobo, Onion, Salt * 100% Vegan * Contains soy, gluten and nuts * Keep refrigerated * Good for 3 months from date of opening

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