02 May

Section 1: Understanding Chinese Hot Sauces

  • Definition and significance of hot sauces in Chinese cooking.
  • Differentiation between chili oil and chili sauce.
  • Overview of key ingredients commonly used in Chinese hot sauces.

Section 2: Exploring Popular Chinese Hot Sauces

  1. Umami Crunchy Garlic: Description, flavor profile, and usage.
  2. Hot Honey Chili Oil: Characteristics and how it differs from traditional chili oil.
  3. Chili Oil Sauce: Versatility and common uses in Chinese dishes.
  4. Chinese Chili Sauce: Regional variations and popular brands.
  5. Umami Chili: Unique flavor components and culinary applications.

Section 3: Types of Chili Oil

  • Explanation of different types of chili oil, including crispy chili oil, crunchy garlic oil, and chili sesame oil.
  • Pros and cons of storing chili oil in the fridge.

Section 4: Cooking with Chili Oil

  • Creative uses for chili oil in various dishes, such as stir-fries, noodles, and marinades.
  • Tips for incorporating chili oil into everyday cooking.

Section 5: Exploring Chili Crisp

  • Definition and characteristics of chili crisp.
  • Comparison between Sichuan chili crisp and other varieties.
  • Nutritional information, including calorie content.

Section 6: Spice Levels and Storage

  • Addressing common questions about the spiciness of chili oil and chili crisp.
  • Guidelines for storing spicy chili crisp.
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